June 2017

‘Dog Houses – Powered by Bulldog Spirit


‘Dog Houses

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How one alum is taking his Bulldog spirit to new heights

Marvin Meyers, a proud 1956 Fresno State graduate, is taking his Bulldog spirit to new heights — literally. He got a Fresno State-inspired paint job on his King Air 300 TurboProp aircraft, complete with Bulldog red and blue striping and the […]

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Fresno State News


Fresno State News

By Tom Uribes

Millions of Reasons Fresno State is Good for the Economy

fsn infographic

A study of the economic and fiscal impact of Fresno State on the Central Valley’s economy showed the University is a powerful economic driver, pumping $716.9 million in business sales into the region.

The study, conducted […]

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Red Eye


Red Eye – Campus Traditions

Photo by Cary Edmondson

Oh, To Be Young Again

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What do you remember most about college? For some, the answer is fun. Sure, there were late nights cramming for tests and finishing those term papers we procrastinated on. There was stress over homework assignments and keeping up that grade point average.

But […]

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A Canvas for the Arts


A Canvas for the Arts

Renowned artists flock to the community to teach and to engage

by Lisa Maria Boyles  •  Illustrations by Joel Beery

Pick an art, any art. There’s a good chance it will be taught, performed or shared during two special programs offered this summer to provide community access […]

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Diamond Diplomacy


Diamond Diplomacy

From internment camp to the record books, Fibber Hirayama etches his name in Japanese-American baseball lore

by Paul Loeffler

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The man labeled by many as the greatest athlete, pound for pound, in Fresno State history could amble through a sold-out Bulldog Stadium these days without turning a single head. Follow him on his annual trek […]

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A Pioneer, a Professor and Pistachios


A Pioneer, a Professor and Pistachios

How one alumnus ensured future ag research and student scholarships

by Esra Hashem

Infographic pistachios Infographic pistachios

From the time a pistachio tree is planted, it takes seven years to produce a viable product.

Seven years may seem like a long commitment to some, but for […]

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Encountering the Other


Encountering the Other

Music and journalism project focuses on understanding other cultures

By Kathleen R. Schock

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Growing up in Stockton, Chris Carreon watched a lot of movies. Big blockbusters like Star Wars, Jurassic Park and Back to the Future. He was drawn to the films not by the action or plot, but by the music. […]

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Rally the Valley


Rally the Valley

Q&A with new Fresno State football coach Jeff Tedford

by Eddie Hughes

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Just four years removed from rising as high as No. 13 in the national rankings, the Fresno State football program is rebounding from an unheard of 1-11 season. New head coach Jeff Tedford — who played quarterback for the Bulldogs […]

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Research Engine


Off the beaten path in the 3,100-person Central California town of Riverdale, where paved roads merge into dirt roads and the fertile soil births well-manicured crops as if they were works of art, a vast almond orchard full of white-blossomed trees is ready to bloom into this year’s harvest. [...]

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Class Notes


Class Notes

Catch up on alumni milestones and accomplishments


John Graffigna (1967) was inducted into the San Joaquin County Agricultural Hall Fame for his contributions to agriculture and to the community.

Paulette Janian (1968) was presented with the Justice Pauline Davis Hanson award by the Fresno County Women Lawyers in recognition of her leadership, mentorship and support for […]

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