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Teaching with Tech


Teaching with Tech

Biology professor creates videos to help engage, teach students

By BoNhia Lee

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A large television screen on the back wall of Fresno State biology professor Dr. Joseph Ross’ office acts as a digital whiteboard ready for a genetics lesson when students visit during office hours.

Using an iPad, Ross draws diagrams of cellular […]

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A Trial Offer


A Trial Offer

Students participating in mock trial gain courtroom and public-speaking skills

By Lucero Benitez

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A petite, quiet, shy young woman, Naila Estrada stands just under 5 feet tall. At times, she speaks so softly, she is asked to repeat herself. But in a courtroom — during trial — the 19 year old speaks […]

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October 2018

A Community Need


A Community Need

University exercise program provides free services for Parkinson’s patients

By Melissa Tav

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physical therapyFor 30 years, Mel Stratton made a living by relying on the precise, timely motion of his hands and arms as he directed high school bands locally and across the nation. […]

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Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic Open to Public


Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic Open to Public

by Melissa Tav

Since he was 3 years old, Lucas Mullooly has joined his mom and dad at Fresno State, where they work, for his weekly appointments at the Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic.

The services he receives are convenient for his mom, Adela Santana, an instructor, and his dad, […]

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April 2018

Fulfilling a Need Across Faiths


Fulfilling a Need Across Faiths

How one room creates a sense of belonging across spiritual lines

By Esra Hashem

It’s 3:15 p.m. and 19-year-old  Nadia Jassim just finished her third class of the day. She walks from the Peters Business building to the Henry Madden Library, eager to find some quiet time before her 4 p.m. class.

The finance […]

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