This is ‘Jeopardy!’

This is ‘Jeopardy!’

Fresno State alum wins big on popular TV game show

by Lisa Maria Boyles


He spent four days competing on a national TV trivia show and won enough money to take a European vacation and give back to several community organizations.


Who is “Jeopardy!” winner Peter Guekguezian of Fresno?

Peter Guekguezian, 31, appeared on four episodes of the popular ABC […]

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A Canvas for the Arts

A Canvas for the Arts

Renowned artists flock to the community to teach and to engage

by Lisa Maria Boyles  •  Illustrations by Joel Beery

Pick an art, any art. There’s a good chance it will be taught, performed or shared during two special programs offered this summer to provide community access […]

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Encountering the Other

Encountering the Other

Music and journalism project focuses on understanding other cultures

By Kathleen R. Schock

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Growing up in Stockton, Chris Carreon watched a lot of movies. Big blockbusters like Star Wars, Jurassic Park and Back to the Future. He was drawn to the films not by the action or plot, but by the music. […]

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Tiny House, Big Responsibility

Tiny House, Big Responsibility

Construction management students gain exposure to sustainable practices that benefit the whole region

by Rebecca Wass

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It’s Saturday morning and student Thomas Dailey is perched on the soon-to-be roof of the 190-square-foot tiny home he’s helping to build. The sound of hammer on nail is echoing across the quiet Fresno State […]

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Expert Q&A: Gardening

Expert Q&A: Gardening

Planting a Sustainable, Drought-tolerant Garden

by Geoff Thurner


Expert Q&A: Gardening

FresnoState Magazine sat down with Calliope Correia, a Fresno State instructional support technician with 15 years of experience in water-wise gardening, to learn some of her best tips. Planting a drought-tolerant landscape or garden doesn’t mean people only […]

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Discovering a Salt-free Solution

The water supply in parts of California is threatened by high levels of salt — affecting Central Valley agriculture and drinking water. And Fresno State researchers are working to find a solution.

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Wellness Q&A: Hydration

Kinesiology faculty members Drs. J. Luke and Riana Pryor are working to educate the community about how to stay safe while exercising. FresnoState Magazine caught up with the husband and wife to dispel some myths about exercise and water consumption.

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Far From Forgotten

Hours before Kristin Saleri passed away, she asked her son two questions. “What will happen to my paintings after I die? Will I be forgotten?”

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One-Year Anniversary of Armenian Monument

More than 4,000 guests visited Fresno State in April 2015 for the dedication of the campus Armenian Genocide Monument. The commemoration marked the 100th anniversary of the date the massacre of 1.5 million Armenians began in the Ottoman Turkish Empire.

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