Building a Career Out of Legos

By the time Carl Merriam was in his late teens, he had 85,000 Lego parts in his Star Wars collection — not including his many other Lego sets.

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Alumni And Students Connect

Fresno State alumni in all occupations are being asked to share their expertise with current students by signing up — for free — on the new Fresno State Career Connections networking site.

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Discovering a Salt-free Solution

The water supply in parts of California is threatened by high levels of salt — affecting Central Valley agriculture and drinking water. And Fresno State researchers are working to find a solution.

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’Dog Bytes

Fresno State freshman swimmer Ugne Mazutaityte won the Mountain West Conference championship in the 200-yard backstoke on Feb. 20 in College Station, Texas, setting a new school record time of 1:54.47.

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Fresno State News

The campaign was launched by a pledge from Fresno-based accounting firm Morse Wittwer Sampson, LLP to match up to $50,000 in gifts given to Fresno State’s Student Cupboard through March 31. A buzzer-beating gift by Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin helped Fresno State exceed its goal on the final day of the campaign and sent the fund drive into overtime.

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Getting Back on Track

The Warmerdam Field track was last resurfaced in 1989. Since then, Fresno State has had three track and field coaches, played in three different conferences and witnessed the Unites States under four different presidents. Translation: the track was due for an update.

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In Memoriam

‘For thee, our hopes and memories’

Walter “Buster” Edward Alexander, Oct. 18 in Bakersfield.

Sharon Lee Allen (1963), Dec. 14 in Oakland.

Wilma Andersen (1945), Dec. 14 in Fresno.

Andrew Ariey, Nov. 16 in Lafayette.

Marvin C. Awbrey (1960, ’64), Feb. 1 in Fresno.

Ruth Contreras Corpuz Balch (1981), Jan. 14 in Fresno.

Leslie Raymond Bassett (1947, Honorary Doctorate 2009), […]

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‘Ceez’ the Moment

Senior point guard Cezar Guerrero played in 89 games at Fresno State and helped lead the Bulldogs to a Mountain West Conference tournament championship and their first NCAA Tournament appearance since 2001. But it’s the 17 games he missed that taught him the most.

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Wellness Q&A: Hydration

Kinesiology faculty members Drs. J. Luke and Riana Pryor are working to educate the community about how to stay safe while exercising. FresnoState Magazine caught up with the husband and wife to dispel some myths about exercise and water consumption.

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A Pipeline of NEW Teachers

On most days it’s the moon that escorts Danny Velazquez to the parking lot after closing down the fifth-grade classroom he leads at Porterville’s Olive Street Elementary School.

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