Hope Will Bloom Anew

Photo by Cary Edmondson

The unknown can be scary. Times are challenging right now, the future uncertain and the daily social interactions of campus may seem like a distant memory. But rest assured, whether you are a proud alum or friend, student, staff or faculty, your beautiful campus awaits you.

Rain or shine, these trees will bloom again, these pathways will fill with people — our people — Bulldogs. The challenges we face today are the accomplishments we celebrate tomorrow. But we must stick together, support one another and lift each other up. Recognize our health care heroes and essential workers. Celebrate our class of 2020 grads.

Keep that Bulldog spirit up in your head, deep in your heart and down in your toes. Because when the time is right, the campus will be waiting for you, and so will its people. Perhaps with a deeper appreciation than ever.