Chalk Talk

Fresno State coaches explain the Xs and Os of the game for fans in attendance.


How to set up a spike

The Fresno State volleyball program got off to a quick start this fall under first-year coach Jonathan Winder, who came to the Bulldogs after spending three years as assistant indoor coach and head beach volleyball coach at Washington. In his playing days, Winder was the 2007 NCAA Player of the Year at Pepperdine. So who better to turn to for a quick lesson on what to watch for next time you take in a match? Here is Winder explaining how to set up a spike
at the net.


  1. Pass


Using her forearms, the passer gives direction to the ball that was just served by the opponent. She aims to pass the ball twice the height of the net, three feet off, and slightly right of center.


  1. Set


The designated setter has the responsibility to set the second contact, hopefully with her hands to the hitter of her choosing. She must remain balanced while she pushes the ball to her chosen hitter with the correct height and speed.


  1. Hit


The hitters are all told by the setter before the play where to approach to hit using a specific footwork of four steps. With rhythm and correct timing, the setter delivers the ball to the hitter, who jumps high and swings with the purpose of scoring a point by having the ball land on the other side of the net in the court or go off the block and out of bounds.


Upcoming matches

at the Save Mart Center:

Nov. 1     Boise State

Nov. 3     Utah State

Nov. 15   San Jose State

Nov. 17   Nevada

Nov. 19   Air Force


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