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Beyond the Badge


Beyond the Badge

How a one-of-a-kind criminology program challenges and prepares generations of law-enforcement officers

By Eddie Hughes |  Photos by Cary Edmondson

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Anamarie Serrano remembers her first time in a patrol car. She was 6 years old and crying. It was the worst day of her life.

She sat in the front seat next to her […]

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October 2018

Tremor-suppression technology to help people with Parkinson’s


Developing tremor-suppression technology to help people with Parkinson’s

By BoNhia Lee | Photos by Cary Edmondson

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Mechanical engineering professor Dr. The “Leo” Nguyen crouches down toward the floor of his testing facility trying to get a good look at the trembling hand of Winston Field, a 78-year-old man with Parkinson’s who is part of […]

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Investing in Invention


Investing in Invention

Unique fund helps Fresno State innovators pursue commercialization

By Eddie Hughes

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As is the case with any great business idea, the idea itself is only the beginning of the hard work to come. But Dr. The “Leo” Nguyen, the mechanical engineering professor who has […]

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April 2018

Urban Evolution


Urban Evolution

Alumni Behind the Downtown Turnaround

By Eddie Hughes  |  Photos by Cary Edmondson

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The following is based on a true story. It’s about the fall — and rise — of a downtown located in California’s fifth largest city. The story begins with an alarming deterioration of the historic urban center of the city that […]

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Shaping Spaces


Shaping Spaces

New city and regional planning program grooms students to shape the region

By Lucero Benitez

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Seventeen miles north of campus in Madera County, atop a hill overlooking nothing but green grass and future possibilities, class is in session.

A group of city and regional planning students […]

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