‘For thee, our hopes and memories’

Michael H. Adams (1966), Feb. 9, Merced.

Lois AmRhein (1949), Dec. 4, Aptos.

Susan H. Baggett (1989), Dec. 21, Santa Rosa.

Kenneth L. Beinhorn (1957), Jan. 1, Hanford.

Wendell Bell (1948), Nov. 3.

Elsie G. Blodgett (1958), Dec. 9, Fresno.

Clarence A. Borba Jr. (1942), Nov. 26, Sanger.

Robert B. Buechler (1954), Dec. 5, […]

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The Verdict Is In

Top Dog Distinguished Alumnus shares how Fresno State led him to excel as one of nation’s leading trial attorneys

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Still the Champ

Still the Champ

Defending his title and community causes

By Eddie Hughes |  Photos by Cary Edmondson

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Just as he always does, Jose Ramirez entered his nationally televised February title fight representing the Valley. From his many local sponsors to the community causes he represents, Ramirez has the backing of an entire region every time he […]

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